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Yoga Workshops in Hoboken, NJ


Workshops are a great way to expand yoga practice beyond a regular class. Not only will our workshops help you dig deeper into the physical asana practice, but they’ll also help broaden your knowledge of ways to bring yoga off the mat. Our offerings include workshops on asana, meditation, restorative yoga, yin yoga, reiki, mindfulness, Ayurveda, yoga philosophy, and more.

5-Week Summer Beginner Series + Month of Yoga

Sundays |  7/15/2018 – 8/12/2018

Time: 8:15 – 9:15AM

Lead Teacher: Alex

Investment: $150


About the Series

This 5-week series is excellent for anyone new to yoga. Students work with the same teacher each week in a small group setting and learn the basic postures, modifications, and breathing techniques to provide a solid foundation of yoga practice. This 5-week series is designed to give practitioners the confidence to participate in group classes and to continue to grow as their practice develops. The setting is friendly, supportive, and instructional. This is a fantastic introduction to yoga practice. After the 5-week series is completed students will have 30 days of unlimited yoga.

Monthly Restorative with Live Music + Essential Oils

Sunday, 7/15/2018

Time: 6-7:30PM

Lead Teacher: Patrick

Investment: $25 for members | $30 for non-members


About the Workshop

Join Patrick for a 90-minute Restorative Yoga Class with live music & essential oil therapy. This class is designed to help you deeply relax and restore using Asana, sound, and essential oil therapy. A sequence of specifically curated asana’s and essential oils corresponding to the Chakra system (energetic centers of your body) have been selected to maximize the therapeutic and healing effects leaving your body and mind in a light and luminous state.

Functional Anatomy: Getting Your Legs Underneath You

Friday, 7/20/2018

Time: 8:00AM – 12:15PM

Lead Teacher: Magi Pierce

Investment: $50


About the Workshop

In the broadest sense, this workshop will be about the legs, and how to apply stable and nuanced alignment in tadasana to form a solid foundation for every yoga posture. We will talk basic anatomical terminology, fascia (what it is and how it relates to yoga), relevant bones and muscles, and examine how the arches of the feet, knees, and pelvis can be interrelated to form a structure of good integrity. Expect to stand differently after this!You will learn to feel this anatomy in your own body, observe it in other bodies, and how to talk about it with your students (or whoever will listen!). This material is particularly relevant if you struggle with balance and/or have ankle/knee/low back injury or tenderness. There will be a mix of practice (movement), lecture, discussion, and posture reading.

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We can’t wait to have you in our studio to try out a class and meet our community. Our team is here to answer any and all of your questions and help you find a yoga class that’s the perfect fit for you.


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