300Hr Yoga Teacher Training

Hudson Yoga Project’s 300hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training
Fire – Study – Devotion


The Hudson Yoga Project 300-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training program is designed for yoga teachers who are seeking to learn practical teaching techniques that are rooted in the sacred yoga texts but can be easily applied in a modern world. With a focus on therapeutic and restorative techniques, teachers will learn how to create intelligent and thoughtfully sequenced vinyasa yoga classes that are applicable to different populations in both private and group settings.


HYP’s Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Program is built around Yoga Sutra 2.1 – Tapah Ssvadhyaya Ishwara Pranidhanani Kriya Yogah – which states:


“The systematic practice of yoga consists of three components: tapas (austerity), svadhyaya (self-study), and Ishwara pranidhana (unshakable faith in the guiding and protecting power of the Divine)”

Modules, Dates & Pricing


October 2018 – June 2019


Friday’s 6:30-9:30pm
Saturday’s 1:30-7:30pm
Sundays 1:30-7:30pm

$3900 + $400 for Room/Board at SuperSoul Farm Retreat Center (June 28 – 30, 2019)
$500 deposit required to hold your spot; Payment Plans availble

Per Module Drop In:

 Advanced Teacher Training Curriculum

Module 1 – FIRE (TAPAS) Module

Price: $1450 per module

In this module, teachers will deepen their knowledge and understanding of:

  • Anatomy, alignment, & advanced asana
  • Hands on assists in advanced asanas
  • Advanced set ups and modifications utilizing props (chairs, bolsters, blankets & straps)
  • Sequencing thoughtful, intelligent and inspirational classes in a clear and concise method that allows for both student growth & advancement as well as individual expression.
  • The methodology of teaching asana that is based on the concept of Vinyasa Krama, which is a step by step process that involves knowledge and skill of how one builds toward a “peak pose” within a practice session. This progression includes a clear beginning, middle, & end and uses asanas of increasing complexity and challenge to prepare students for more strenuous poses.


October 19-21, 2018
Advanced Sun Salutations

October 26-28, 2018
Advanced Anatomy – Hip + Shoulders

November 2-4, 2018
Advanced Arm Balances

November 9-11, 2018
Advanced Inversions

November 16-18, 2018
Advanced Sequencing

Module 2 – STUDY (Svadhyaya) Module

Price: $1450 per module

During this module, teachers will gain insight into working with multiple populations of students, for example:

  • Teaching different levels  (absolute beginners, intermediate students and advanced students)
  • Teaching yoga therapeutics and restorative yoga using props and being able to instruct people with physical limitations (chairs, bolsters, blankets, blocks, straps, etc)
  • Teaching pranayama and meditation
  • Teaching and studying Ayurveda as a science of health and its application to our individual practice, teaching in private settings, and group classes through cooking and other lifestyle techniques.


January 18-20, 2019
Chakras + Subtle Body

January 25-27, 2019
Advanced Seated Postures and Lotus Variations

February 1-3, 2019
Therapeutics + Pranayama 

February 8-10, 2019
Therapeutics + Pranayama 

February 15-17, 2019
Teaching Methodology + Hands-on Assists

 April 6-7
Bhagavad Gita at Yogamaya NY with Professor Edwin Bryant
1:00 – 6:00pm

Module 3 – DEVOTION (Isvara Pranidhana) Module

Price: $1450 per module + $400 Room & Board Supersoul Farm Retreat

This module will focus on devotional aspects of yoga through:

  • Study of devotional texts such as the Bhaghavad Gita & the Ramayama, their meaning, and applicability to our life and teaching
  • Study of devotional practices such kirtan, mantra & japa and weaving these skills into a class setting through Dharma Talks and Harmonium playng
  • Study of Bhakti Yoga and the practice of service as a foundational principle to be able to teach from a place that serves others to the best of our ability.


May 31 – June 2, 2019
Koshas + Sequencing, Advance Spinal Anatomy

June 7-9, 2019
Advanced Backbends

June 14-16, 2019
Ayurveda Cooking + Lifestyle

June 21-23, 2019
Yoga Sutra Study

June 28-30, 2019
Bhakti Immersion at Supersoul Farm

For more information and to find out how to register, please email Patrick Franco at patrick@hudsonyogaproject.com

Faculty Involved

Patrick Franco (ERYT-500)

Patrick has lived and worked in Hoboken for over 10 years and currently raises his children in town. Patrick’s teaching is drawn from the 5000-year old tradition of yoga and rooted in ancient texts and practices but integrated and applied in a way that is relevant to the unique and modern environment in which we live. He is a 500hr (E-RYT) Experienced Registered Yoga Instructor with the Yoga Alliance.

Patrick has practiced and studied yoga since 2001 and received his E-RYT500 certification from Yogamaya New York in 2011 and his RYT200 certification from Laughing Lotus Yoga Center in 2007. Patrick is also a licensed acupuncturist in the State of New York and has a thriving acupuncture practice in NYC.

Julie Pasqual (RYT-500)

Julie earned her 500 Hour Yoga Teaching Certification from Yogamaya in NYC. Julies’s teachers are the incomparable Stacey Brass and Bryn Chrisman (From Yogamaya) for asana, and the teachers of the staff at The Bhakti Center for philosophy. Her classes are inspired and infused with her love of the practices of bhakti, where the mind is stilled by the opening of the heart, nit-picky alignment, and a love of a good old sweaty practice!!

Anna Greenberg (RYT-500)

Anna combines heat building movement with precise, focused instruction for students to find stability and space in their bodies and minds. She has a passion for standing on her hands and loves to demystify arm balances and inversions by teaching them in a way that feels accessible, safe, and fun. She believes that if yoga is approached with consistency and discipline, along with a good sense of humor and play, the practice can be transformational. Anna earned her 500-hour Teacher Training certification from Yogamaya.

Lindsey Rozmes (Ayurveda Health Counselor)

Lindsey found yoga when she needed it most. She quickly fell in love with yoga’s heart-healing abilities and blissful buzz. This led her to pursue her 200hr certification from Laughing Lotus in NYC in 2012. More recently, she’s completed both her Ayurveda Yoga Specialist and Ayurveda Health Counselor certifications with Dr. Rosy Mann and Kathryn Templeton at the Himalayan Institute in Honesdale, PA. Lindsey believes that these ancient practices truly guide you to the brightest parts of yourself.

Bryn Chrisman

Teaching classes since 2003, teacher trainings since 2006 and practicing much longer.

I opened Yogamaya to share and care for what I love, Bhakti, Asana, and Kirtan. My classes are challenging, devotional and fun, but not frivolous. A long-time student of Iyengar teachers Carrie Owerko & Kevin Gardiner, I integrate the texture and subtleties of alignment with flow and purposeful sequencing. We approach the asanas with the mood of appreciation, climb deep into our bodies, and discover a way of moving that is at once humble and powerful. I hope to meet you and that we can inspire each other.

Stacey Brass

Yogamaya is the epitome of everything I love about Yoga. Teaching since 2001, my classes are rooted in classical Yoga merged with my observations of life as a lover of NYC, the arts, psychology, philosophy, the nature of time & the cosmic universe. I make Vinyasa classes that incorporate alignment, intelligence & clarity for every different level of student. My teachers Rodney Yee, Carrie Owerko & Kevin Gardiner have inspired me to teach from the heart & with a deep caring for my students & their experience.


Raghunath is …Ex-punk, ex-monk, husband, father of five, inversion ambassador, bent on Bhakti, detox junkie, evolution assistant, coalesced by kirtan, cacao consumer, puranic story teller, reciter of Gita, potential excavation, fixed on elevation, take a deep breath. beyond birth and death. Prana hunter, animal friendly, transcendence in training, born to give, live today, full contact fighter, devours durians, likes to chant, likes a challenge, servant of the servants, harmonium hugger, conscious of Krishna.

Raghunath, born Ray Cappo, was a Lower East Side hardcore/punk singer songwriter icon, touring the globe in his teens. In a decadent music scene infested with hard drugs, negativity & intoxication he was an anomaly and a light propounding clean living,positive attitude and vegetarian lifestyle, inspiring tens of thousands of fans internationally. Since his youth he was fascinated with eastern thought and took his inspiration from Emerson, Ghandi, Thoreau, The Bhuddhist Sutras, The Bible and the Bhagavad Gita. He started practicing yoga in NYC in 1987 with the esteemed Sri Dharma Mitra as well as Shivananada Yoga. The pettiness of the business of music and the untimely death of his father led him to India in 1988 where he dove deeper into the the lifestyle and spirituality of India. He became a celibate monk at a Krishna Bhakti Ashram for 6 years where he intensely studied, meditated and lived the ancient yogic texts. In 1991 in the sacred village of Vrindavan he was awarded the name Raghunath and two years later in that same holy town awarded diksha or the sacred thread, for his study. Now, 23 years later, he’s an accomplished yogi in many styles, married with four children, leads retreats, workshops and yoga teacher trainings especially, in Los Angeles and New York City. He is an expert at taking the esoteric yoga philosophy and making it understandable and practical for the contemporary world. He is an inspirational force in the community by living yoga and taking the esoterica of yoga philosophy and making it practical and understandable in contemporary life.

Dr. Edwin Bryant

Edwin Bryant received his Ph.D in Indic languages and Cultures from Columbia University. He taught Hinduism at Harvard University for three years, and is presently the professor of Hinduism at Rutgers University where he teaches courses on Hindu philosophy and religion. He has received numerous awards and fellowships, published six booksand authored a number of articles on Vedic history, yoga, and the Krishna tradition. In addition to his academic work for the scholarly community, Edwin’s Penguin World Classics translation of the Srimad Bhagavata Purana, the traditional source for the story of Krishna’s incarnation, is both for Indology specialists as well as students and those interested in Hinduism from the general reading public and the yoga community.

As a personal practitioner of yoga for 35 years, a number of them spent in India studying with traditional teachers, where he returns yearly, Edwin strives to combine academic scholarship and rigor with sensitivity towards traditional knowledge systems. In addition to his academic course load, Edwin currently teaches workshops on the Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, and Hindu Philosophy at yoga studios and teacher training courses throughout the country. His translation of and commentary on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (North Point Press, a division of Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2009) is specifically dedicated to contributing to the growing body of literature on yoga by providing insights from the major pre-modern commentaries on the text with a view to grounding the teachings in their traditional context.

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