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Yoga Workshops in Hoboken, NJ

Morgan Gertler - Teacher HYP

Sunday Beginner Series in October

with Morgan Gertler

October 1, 8 & 15

3 – 4:15pm

$120 and includes 30 days of yoga

This beginner series is excellent for anyone new to yoga. Working with the same teacher each week in a small group setting, students will learn the basic postures, modifications, and breathing techniques to provide a solid foundation of yoga practice.
This 3-week series is designed to give practitioners the confidence to participate in group classes and to continue to grow as their practice develops.
The setting is friendly, supportive, and instructional. This is a fantastic introduction to yoga practice.
After the 3-week series is completed students will have 30 days of unlimited yoga to continue their practice.
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Mommy & Me Yoga

w/ Kim Weiss – Lewit

A 5-Week Series:  9/19, 9/26, 10/3, 10/10 and 10/17

Tuesdays, 2pm
$125 for Series or $30 per drop in class

Having a new baby is intense! Now you can make time for yoga AND spend time with your little one. Our postnatal class series offers you an opportunity to playfully bond with your baby while helping you move and breathe in ways that feel great. During class you will learn basic yoga poses and exercises that engage your baby (unless of course they sleep through it which is just fine, too!). Take time for yourself and come practice in a safe, loving and non-judgmental environment where you can connect with other new parents. Babies age 5 weeks up to crawling are welcome. Class led experienced yoga teacher, doula and mother, Kimberleigh Weiss-Lewit.

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Asana Lab: Handstand

Asana Lab: Handstand
w/ Patrick Franco Jr.
Saturday October 7th
2 – 3:30pm
Learn how to approach the Fundamentals of a Adho Mukha Vrksasana (Handstand) and how to improve your relationship with being upside down in full arm balance. Experience the lightness of being and fearlessness that come from a stable base and well integrated body and breath.
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Yoga for Runners

w/ Tam Turse

Saturday October 14th
2 -3:30pm

Yoga for Runners Workshop at the HYP!

Fall means lots of things, including marathon and half-marathon season. 

If you have been spending the past few months focusing on just the miles logged, your legs may be race day ready, but what about the rest of you? Adding Yoga can be a great compliment not just for stretching out the muscles, but to bring breath work and focus to your training plan.

Join The HYP’s Tam Turse on Saturday, October 14 at 2pm for the Yoga for Runners Workshop. This 1.5 hour session will include a Vinyasa flow class (with some take home sequences for the start and finish line), pranayama (aka breath work) and meditation to help bring some focus to the starting line. You do not need to be an experienced Yogi to join this session, in fact we encourage you runners who think yoga isn’t for you and have never done a Downward Facing Dog to join and see how Yoga may enhance your running.

Tam Turse is a RYT who has completed additional specialized trainings in Yoga for Athletes and Yin Yoga. She is also a distance runner who has crossed the finish line of 4 marathons and numerous half marathons. She will be running the Chicago Marathon this October.


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Prenatal Yoga Class - Hudson Yoga Project

Yoga for Birth: Childbirth Preparation

w/ Kim W
Saturday October 14th
4 – 6:30pm
$90 per couple

Spend an afternoon connecting and preparing for your birth using the tools of yoga. In a non-judgmental and loving space, Kim will answer all of your questions and leave you with simple and practical information you can use leading up to and during your labor and birth.

This workshop is the perfect complement to your traditional childbirth education (Lamaze, Bradley, etc) or as preparation for birth and parenthood for families who may understand basic pregnancy and labor processes but need that important sacred space to physically, emotionally, and spiritually honor themselves and this unique experience. Yoga preparation for birth is not only for those planning a “natural” childbirth, but has useful applications for all expectant families.

As a mother, prenatal yoga teacher and seasoned birth doula, Kim knows firsthand how yoga-inspired postures, meditation, vocal toning and visualization can be utilized in pregnancy and labor, and it is her passion to share from her experience and leave you inspired.

Note: Each couple is asked to bring a long scarf (a pashmina scarf works well). We will take a short break—snacks are encouraged!

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Asana Lab: Handstand & Forearm Stand (Taking the Next Step)

w/ Anna Greenberg
Saturday December 2nd
2 – 3:30pm
Take the next step in your inversions practice! This asana lab will focus on refining your inner lift in handstand and forearm stand. We’ll explore the physical and mental connections you need to “step” upside down with control, instead of flinging or jumping up chaotically. Experience the incredible inner strength and calm that grows from a steady inversion practice.
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