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Do I need yoga experience to come to a yoga class?

No! The Hudson Yoga Project offers classes and series in the Hoboken and Jersey City area that are geared towards helping beginners start practicing yoga.


Our Basic and Level 1 classes are perfect for anyone looking to start a yoga practice. Our teachers focus on helping students learn the proper alignment in foundational yoga poses to help them build strength and flexibility safely so that they can develop and maintain a lifelong practice.


Another great option if you’ve never done yoga is to sign up for a Beginner’s Series. This 3-week series is a crash course on how to get started with a yoga practice. The workshop-style environment will walk through the most common yoga poses and show you how to do each pose. You’ll receive one-on-one attention and each class will leave space for a question and answer session so you can ask the teacher about how to do each pose. Plus, with the series you get access to a free month of unlimited yoga classes at the HYP so you can test out all of the things you’ve learned in a class environment.

Are there different types of yoga?

Yes- there are many different styles of yoga and it’s important to determine which style is right for you.


The Hudson Yoga Project mainly offers vinyasa yoga classes based on the teachings of BKS Iyengar. Vinyasa yoga focuses on moving the body through a continuous flow of yoga poses that are guided by the breath.


There are many different styles of vinyasa yoga and many studios in town offer classes with teachers from all different vinyasa backgrounds. The teachers at the HYP are all trained in the same style of vinyasa yoga where we focus on creating balanced, thoughtful, creative sequences that are focused on strengthening and opening the body in order to prepare it for a more advance, or “peak” pose, towards the end of class. We believe that focusing on a single style of yoga allows our students to step onto the mat in any class and be able to build on what they learned in the class before, regardless of who is teaching.


Philosophically, our classes are rooted in the tradition of Bhakti yoga which focuses on showing gratitude and giving back to the community and world around you. One of the core beliefs of the HYP is the dedication to community. Our intention is not only to create a strong yoga community within our studio, but to positively contribute to the greater Hudson County community in a meaningful way.

What should I do before my first class?

Coming to your first yoga class can be a bit intimidating and overwhelming. The first thing to keep in mind is that we are always excited to meet new students. Every student and teacher at the Hudson Yoga Project can remember what it was like to be a beginner, and we’re always happy to help anyone who’s looking to start a yoga practice.


Here are some tips for your first class:

  1. Sign up online.

While this is certainly not mandatory, it can be helpful. Signing up in advance guarantees your space in the class and also allows you to fill out the necessary paperwork in advance. That way, once you arrive at the studio you can focus on getting settled to practice rather than filling out a bunch of forms.


  1. Arrive a little early.

We recommend getting to the studio 15-minutes before the start of class. This give you plenty of time to get changed, put your shoes/phone away, sign any necessary paperwork, and lay down your mat without feeling rushed before class.


  1. Need a mat?

We offer Lululemon mats or Jade yoga mats to rent for $2.


  1. Get your props.

Once you lay your mat down in the yoga room, be sure to grab the necessary props for class. In every class you’ll need a minimum of 2 blocks and 1 blanket. We also recommend setting up with a second blanket and a strap so you have all props on hand during your practice.


  1. Sign up again.

It’s hard to form an opinion after your first class. We recommend signing up for your second class before you leave the studio. This will allow you to ask the teacher and front desk staff questions based on your experience in your first class. Be honest. If you are looking for something easier or harder than the class you took, let the staff know so they can point you in the right direction.


How do I know which level yoga class I should take?

Making sure you choose the right level yoga class will help ensure that you have a good experience in your class. Think of it like math— you wouldn’t take Advanced Calculus before knowing your algebra.

The names and levels of classes often differ between studios. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect in the various class levels at the Hudson Yoga Project.

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We can’t wait to have you in our studio to try out a class and meet our community. Our team is here to answer any and all of your questions and help you find a yoga class that’s the perfect fit for you.


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